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Discordinvites is a project created by French people, to improve the referencing of discord servers and thus allow community servers to grow, but also allow you to find the servers that suit you the most!

To add your server to DiscordInvites, you need to go to the add servers page.
Then select the server you want to add. You will then be redirected to a form to fill in the information for the referencing of your server.
Then add the DisocordInvites bot in your serveur.

Bump is a way to keep your server fresh as air!
Thanks to this you will be able to place your server in first position in the list of servers to gain visibility!
Only one bump is possible every 4 hours

Website side : In your dashboard and click in bump bump.
Server side : Run d! bump command in your server.

The bot collect data on your server to allow us to create beautiful statistics. Then they also consulted the referencing of your server on DiscordInvites.
Without the bot your server can't be referenced on DiscordInvites.

The Discordinvites partnership is not to be taken lightly, your community must be a place of conviviality, breast, active, a safe place and respectful towards our TOS as well as that of Discord.
You will have to create a room with our effigy on your Discord server and everyone our advertising available here

Why do I owe everyone your advertising ?

A partnership works both ways, we will offer you certain advantages, so it is normal that you do even with us.

What do I earn thanks to the partnership ?

Thanks to the Discordinvites partnership, you will gain visibility & referencing as well as statistics monthly & yearly for your Discord server and of course the magnificent badge which will be placed on your server map on our site.

Ok cool, that should I do for that ?

To apply for a Discordinvites partnership, please visit our contact page, choose (partnership) as your reason and present your community to us in its most beautiful form day.

It is recommended that it be rich in members (+3000 members) in order to have an effect on our team. All requests for recently added servers (less than a week) will be denied.

The Discordinvites certification is proof for our communities that your server is indeed a friendly place, a safe place that respects our TOS as well as that of Discord.

I win what thanks to the certification ?

Thanks to the Discordinvites certification, you will gain visibility & referencing as well as monthly statistics for your Discord server and of course the magnificent badge which will be placed on your server's map in our site.

Ok cool, what should I do about this ?

To request Discordinvites certification, please visit our page contact, choose as the reason (server verification) and present your community to us in its best light.

It is advisable to dress her in her 31 to have an effect on our team

On the bot you have the command d! invite which allows you to update your invitation.

DCOINS is a new currency on Discordinvites. It will allow you to buy rewards for your servers.
Each user registered on Discordinvites benefits from a balance of 500 DCOINS by default.

You can earn DCOINS by :

- Voting for a server 15 dcoins
- Inviting a new user to Discordinvites through a referral link (available in the dashboard) 200 dcoins
- Joining Discordinvites through a referral link 100 dcoins
- Adding a new server on Discordinvites 50 dcoins

Or by purchasing directly from your dashboard

If your question isn't listed, is simply join the support server or go in contact page then create a ticket and we will respond as soon as possible !